Be like Chioma!

Chioma has a very big cosmetics business in Kano state, the northern part of Nigeria. She has varieties of high quality brands but records little sales. She could not even pay her sales person and was at the verge of shutting down the business. Her friend Gloria who have the little knowledge of what social media is to business advised her not to shut down but to employ the service of a digital marketer but chioma was skeptical at first because she really does not want to spend money and doubted the effect of digital marketing.

Gloria managed to convince her and she finally got the service of a digital marketer. Barely three days of the campaign set up, she got 35 orders from her locality and she was amazed but that was only the beginning of her success. Upon heeding to the advice of her digital marketer she targeted different cities and the unimaginable happened, she got 102 orders and that was how it went on and on. Right now, Chioma is not only benefiting from digital marketing but she said that she can never do without it again. All thanks to Gloria.

Why not get your business online? there are thousands and millions of your target audience who are out there looking for your product/service. Whether you are real estate broker, travel agent, school proprietor(tress), beauty consultant, HR consultant, restaurant owner, farmer, fashion designer, event planner,doctor, etc there is a market out there on the social media world for you. A growing proportion of your customer base is already online, with more joining them every day. Obviously, the more your target market comes to rely on these online channels for its information, research and purchasing needs, the more critical digital marketing will become to the ongoing success of your business.

There is nothing like bad market, don’t sit in your shop /office and conclude on assumed facts that are limiting your sales. Step out of your comfort zone and step into the digital world. Have a bite of how your competitors are making huge success from that same business.

Ask yourself these and be honest in the answers:

How do you feel when you hear/see people making crazy sales online?

Have you wished to make huge sales in your business?

What is that one thing that is holding you from not trying digital marketing in your business?

How can we help you achieve that sales?

Contact us today and let’s take it up from there.

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